Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So I went down to Anytime Fitness yesterday and joined the gym. Seems like a very nice facility, and within a short driving distance. There are a handful of classes that are included in the membership fees. Since I have been paying $5 a Zumba class twice a week - I will actually be getting off cheaper with a gym membership. I signed a contract for a 3 year term, now that is commitment. It was the way to get the best price. For this month Anytime Fitness has $0 enrollment fees....which saves $100. My monthly membership is $35 plus taxes...so $37 and some change. Of course there are other fees....$59 for processing fees and another fee for the key (small swipe pass)to get in after hours. When I was done I had to pay $138.45 before walking out, of course that also includes the first months fees. And every March there is a $25 fee that will help buy new equipment. But in my opinion it is worth it for 24 hour access to the gym. Plus I will get an equipment orientation and a full fitness consultation next week that is also included in the gym membership...guess that is what the processing fee may be used for? As far as safety, there are cameras all over the gym. If more then one person enters the gym when a key is swiped there is a beep and I was told they are alerted to go look at the video the next day. So no sneaking friends into the gym after hours :) There are also emergency alert necklaces to wear after hours...hit the button and it alerts the cops. So far I feel safe. We will see how I feel once I make it there after hours.

I was supposed to go to my regular Zumba class yesterday, but it got cancelled. So hubby, munchkin and I went on a walk. Today munchkin and I went for a walk, hubby is working late tonight. I think I will try to get to the gym tomorrow night for their butt and guts class (which sounds scary, but is only 45 minutes so I should be able to struggle through it :))

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day one part 2

Went for a 20 minute walk when my husband got home. Had a Turkey Burger and salad for dinner - around 400 calories. So Yummy! Now I just need to get in a couple more glasses of water and no snacks and I will have passed day #1 with flying colors :)

Day #1 First day of 2012

Last night the young neighbors that share my bedroom wall decided to have a party. I put up with the loud music until 3:45 am when finally I got dressed, went over to their apartment and told them to turn it down. They complied, for about 5 minutes. Which was just long enough to come home get undressed and get back in bed. So I suffered through it and they quit around 5am. Needless to say, I was not the most awake this morning and kept dosing off, while my son watched Seasame Street. I didnt fully get off my butt until 10am, so for breakfast I only had 2 slices of apple. Lunch I had a yummy pasta and veggie steam meal - which was 540 calories. I had a cup of hot Green Tea. I plan to start easy today - I am going to make my husband take a walk with me and our son tonight when he gets home. I will check in later tonight and report how my day went :)